Topic: Changelog

Updates to the AMRD script:

v.0.13 (01.01.2011)
    - new import format of the most recent HOBOware supported
v.0.14 (13.02.2011)
    - support of the mapread format of Quickroute
v.0.15 (16.02.2011)
    - only recalculates map angle if necessary (speed improvement)
    - GPX file may be exported using different interpolation methods
    - code optimization
    - bugfix
v.0.17 (17.4.2011)
    - Time Offset supports fraction of seconds
    - support of X-6 accelerometer from Gulfcoast Inc.
    - limit the total number of data points if the X-6 accelerometer is used by filtering
    - check if csv and gpx file overlap: if not display warning
v.0.18 (16.5.2011)
    - Statistics: Enter Start/Endtime
    - Calculate and display statistics
    - Export Statistics Window
    - Possibility to export with/without MR Tags
    - Possibility to export all Trackpoints in one Segment